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About Me

Welcome to my home away from home, babe! I'm Chris. I'm an American Board-Certified Colorist serving the Riverview, FL, and Collierville, TN, areas!

As a busy professional, I know how important it is to feel special and pampered in a beautiful setting when you're receiving a service. So, I've created my salon experience to make you feel more centered, uplifted, beautiful, and confident than ever. Bonus, you'll have FUN while all of this is happening!

While working as a debt capital markets analyst for a Fortune 500 company, I decided to pursue a career as a stylist. With time, I started my journey as a part-time assistant stylist and became a master stylist and colorist. Being the science and math nerd I've always been, combining the two into a beautiful business that makes me and my clients super thrilled was a no-brainer! 19 years later and I absolutely love my job of pampering others!

When you sit in my chair, I want you to LOVE your hair on the first visit and every subsequent maintenance visit. Our in-depth consultation will help us decide the best color for you and your lifestyle. I design a long-term plan specifically for you to prioritize your hair staying healthy so your cut, color, and style are always looking fresh. The great thing about nurturing our hair relationship is that I can make little tweaks when needed! You'll be able to maintain a look but give it little updates so you don't get bored or stuck receiving the same look for years. Any issues or things that arise on your hair journey will be OUR issues, and we'll address and work through them together. I also serve as my clients' all-around beauty leader, regularly answering questions and giving referrals!

When I'm not in the salon, I hang out with my husband, our daughter, and our boujie bichon Jax. I love golfing, my plants, listening to great music with guitars, reading at least five books at a time (yes, I'm that person), studying economic data, and refining my trading strategies and organizing! I am obsessed with the chemistry of fragrances and the fun process of layering scents! I'd call myself quite the scent guru – I can sniff a top, mid, and base note like nobody's business. I can find you the perfect combination of a scent and show you how to create a messy bun while explaining how to leverage debt to build wealth- I'm all for indulging in either!

I have a cooking, grilling, and baking obsession and will often record my journey of doing so in a fun way - I love making others' food happy and creating recipes to share! Gifts, delights, and food are my love language and I love showering my clients with them!

Look over my service menu and booking website and email me if you have any questions at

Genuinely looking forward to meeting you!

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