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Below you will find the BABE Color Consent Form. Please fill the form out in its entirety and email it to us 3 days prior to your scheduled color session.

BABE Color Correction and Fantasy Color Consent Form




Email:            _________________________

Date: _________________________


Color Correction Information

It is important for you to share all of your information on what has been done to your hair, even if it was more than three years ago (depending on how long your hair is). Believe it or not, medications, swimming, hennas, temporary colors, and vitamin supplements, can have an impact on your hair color’s final result. To set the correct expectations, it is important that you pay attention to your colorist’s advice and ask any questions that may arise during your initial consultation.

Your time is valuable and correction hair color can vary between 3 to 8+ hours. We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please keep in mind that the final result may take several visits to achieve, depending on how damaged or weak your hair is on your first visit for color correction. Please understand that sometimes, a correction may take more than one visit. This is due to the fact that performing all services necessary to correct the color for the desired result may break or further damage your hair if there is not ample time between processes to allow your hair to strengthen. Please note that the number of visits cannot always be determined until the process is started.

Additionally, there is not a set price for corrective color. The cost is determined by the amount of work necessary to achieve the desired result. Depending on your hair situation, there may be a $100/hr service fee in addition to the price of services rendered.



Hair History

When was the last time you colored your hair?______________ By a professional?__________

Please list below the colors, type of color (temporary, semi-permanent, permanent) and dates it was colored______________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have any known allergies or reactions to ingredients used in hair products or hair color? If so, please list products & describe reaction_____________________________________________________________________

Have you ever put Henna on your hair? When?______________________________________________________

Have you ever had any permanent waves, chemical relaxers or keratin treatments? When?__________________

Is there anything else that you think your stylist should know?__________________________________________

Color Correction Disclosure & Consent


___________I understand that color reacts differently on different hair, especially chemically treated hair.

___________I acknowledge that a color correction procedure can be further damaging to my hair.

___________I acknowledge that a color correction may take 3 to 8+ hrs and/or more than one visit.

___________I understand that there may be a $100/hr service fee in addition to the price of services rendered.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand all parts of this intake and consent form, and that I have and I have had the opportunity to ask any questions with regard to and services or treatments offered. I certify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

SIGNATURE______________________________________                            DATE__________________________

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